Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Capitalism without rule of law is Krandeniya; violence in a town of Sri Lanka

Karandeniya is an insignificant tiny town in Southern Province of Sri Lanka. However, Karandeniya hit headlines yesterday due to violence in a post-murder scenario.

A doctor businessman who owned a channeling center was  brutally assassinated on September 29 and the mystery came to light almost a month after.

Read the incident here: Bloody competition for doctor channeling come to light in doctor murder in Sri Lanka

Here is the immediate aftermath of the arrest:

Police imposed curfew in Karandeniya police area in Galle district due to a tense situation there. The curfew is to prevail until further notice, police say.
Angry mobs set fire to a medical laboratory run by a suspect arrested for a murder. Several other buildings in the vicinity were also damaged. The suspect's house was also set fire reports from Karandenuya say.
The suspect allegedly killed a doctor in Karandeniya on September 29 with connivance of an Army captain and two soldiers. The last two persons who were brothers were the gunmen in the assassination plot.
The house of the Army captain and a business place of his father's was also set fire.

Another shop burnt belonged to a nurse that worked in the medical center of the suspect.

Police Special Task Force was also summoned to control the situation, but after the carnage was complete.

The killing of the doctor was due to rivalry created by competition in doctor channeling in this small town.The slain doctor is reported as a gentleman with a good heart. Not only that, he had been a very successful businessman. He was trying to monopolize in medical center business there through a fair competition. There is nothing wrong until he pays income tax according to books.

In advanced capitalist economies there is rule of law and the losers are prevented of taking personal revenge from the rivals like this.

What Sri Lanka lacks foremost today is rule of law.

A bigwig in the town, Minister of Resettlement Gunarathna Weerakoon was in the town celebrating the police success of arresting the culprits of the brutal murder of the doctor. The violence followed his visit, speech and lightening of firecrackers by his supporters.

There are reasonable suspicions that Minister ignited violence against the families of the suspects.

There may be more channel center owners who threw petrol to fire to see the opening of a new market for them through blood and fire.

capitalism is brutal since the primary force that drives it is craving for profit. Such capitalism without rule of law is Krandeniya.

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