Monday, November 21, 2011

Sexual abuse charges against Sri Lanka Opposition Leader

Sources close to opposition of Sri Lanka say that a group of male MPs of Sri Lanka opposition United National Party (UNP) have complained that the party leader Ranil Wickramasinghe attempted sexually molest them.

The sources said that the charges were handed over to the party secretary Thissa Aththanayaka and it would be forwarded to a party advisory committee to take a decision regarding it.

The group of MPs accuse that the party leader asked for homosexual favors from the MPs promising favouration in return.

Minister of Public Relations Mervin Silva recently leveled sexual abuse charges to the UNP leader in a public meeting stating that it led him to leave the party.

Following is the voice track of Mervin Silva describing his experience. 

What a bad taste!

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dushantha yatawara said...

Well I totally don't agree of these charges levelled against him if so the parliamentarians should have complained this to the speaker NO ONE HAS COMPLAINED

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