Monday, May 28, 2012

Over 100 young men fleeing 'Wonder of Asia' arrested by Sri Lanka police

Sri Lanka police nabbed around 119 persons who attempted to migrate illegally to a foreign country.

Police say a set of racketeers who were involved in the trafficking have also been arrested.

The arrested persons included six who handled the trafficking 'racket'. The others were young men who had paid around Rs. 200,000 to them to go abroad.

Rs. 200,000 does not rationalize the use of the word 'racket' and it is not unfair to consider it as social service in the point of view of the 'victims' of the 'racket'.

They were arrested at Galle Face in Colombo and at Negambo. Police also arrested seven vans and a lorry that were transporting the individuals to a coastal area from where they were to be transferred into a vessel.

Police suspect the youth were attempted to be trafficked to Australia via sea.

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