Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sri Lanka police treasure hunting in Anuradhapura

A senior police official of the North Central Province of Sri Lanka said that an investigation was under way regarding an incident of police Special Task Force (STF) wngaging in treasure hunting in Mahawilachchiya area of the province.

Several villagers were injured yesterday as they clashed with a group of armed STF personnel who were treasure hunting in a reservoir bank using machinery.

Villagers say that the personnel in guard said to them they were looking for hidden weapons and attacked them with weapons as they protested.

Villagers accuse area police for not arresting the persons that were treasure hunting.

A back-haw has been arrested and the operator of the machine claims he and the machine were brought at gun point.
Police media spokesman Ajith Rohana yesterday said that the STF went there to arrest persons that were treasure hunting.

However, the villagers contradicted the statement saying the STF personnel were from far away Colombo.

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