Saturday, April 27, 2013

What is the use of shortlink or short URL?

Shorten you URL here

Enter a long URL to make tiny:

Short link is also a type of permalink. (Read what permalink is)It directs you to the original permalink.

Short link is very useful when you use a source like Twitter to promote your post. In twitter, you can use only 140 characters. A lengthy permalink may eat up the number of characters.

It is very easy to get the short link in Wordpress. In Wordpress self hosted sites, when you create a post, you may see the permalink right below the title of the box. Near it, there is Get Shortlink button. When you click it, an automatically generated short link pops up and you can copy and paste it.

 In blogger, you can click the link icon that you see in the right hand side of a new post template. There is an option for custom permalink and you can create a short link using it. 

Any URL can be shortened using Google URL Shortener. The URL it has is also curious. Simply

The permalink of this post is

This is the shortlink created by pasting it in the  Google URL Shortener.

Here is another shortlink to the same post

It was created with Bitly

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