Saturday, September 3, 2011

Vegetable laws of Sri Lanka government

Sri Lanka government made the use of plastic crates compulsory in delivery of vegetables since September 01 to save the said 30% waste during transport.

However, the farmers alleged that it was an attempt to sell plastic crates and they were never consulted before imposing this law. Their suspicion about under hand commissions to politicians from plastic crate manufacturers is reasonable.

Farmers also say that suitable crates to deliver some kind of vegetable are unavailable. Farmers also point out that they have to hire vehicles to take the plastic crates back home after delivering vegetables to Economic Center bearing additional cost.

Two days after the vegetable market was affected by this law, the government has slacked it for some vegetables.

One of the readers of our Sinhala blog commented that he had observed that the farmers and traders stamp to press and pack cabbage to gunny sacks. It is true that the delivery methods cause massive waste. Everyone may have seen sometimes valuble fruits like mango are thrown to

But the new methods ask for more trips of lorries to transport vegetables. It also wastes fuel, a totally imported resource. Transport charges may increase and the vegetable prices may further go up.

The government should assist farmers to overcome the problem of wastage. Mere enforcing of laws and fines may affect all stakeholders in the vegetable sector.
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