Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A wave of strikes in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is being taken by a wave of strikes in public sector.

The doctors are up in arms against the government's policy of establishing private medical colleges. Although the doctors are highly aligned towards privatization of their service, they appear as if in fear of losing their present prosperous status due to influx of more and more doctors to this ailing society thanks to Minister S.B. Disanayaka's dream of opening more medical colleges. God knows the motive of opening so much of medical colleges. Is lack of them the only problem in higher education of this country?

The management of the Ceylon Electricity Board granted a written pledge to the employees to pay the arrears of 10 months of pay hike granted in 2009 as per installments since January 2012, luckily to prevent a strike today.

The nurses of Anuradhapura hospital struck work for 24 hours since yesterday until this morning to express resentment to workload on them due to shortage in nursing cadre.

The non-academic staff of the universities stage a picketing during the lunch hour today ahead of the decision to report sick on 12th if solutions will not be granted immediately to their problem of salary anomalies.

Field officers of the Forest Department are working to rule since September 02.

Teachers say they will resort to stern trade union action since the Minister has not granted the pledges to resolve the long standing issue of salary anomalies and other problems.

And there are many more burning issues in public sector. The government has somehow broken the backbone of the trade unions. That is the only safeguard for them.

Two years passed the war is over. Small man is not getting any dividend of the so called peace. They are frustrated. Frustration will lead to many problems. Government needs to listen to them.
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