Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Who transports C-4 to Jaffna?

Sri Lanka police recovered a stock of C-4 explosives planned to be transported to Jaffna in the Northern Province from Monarala in the Uva Province.

Monaragala police says that the stock of C-4 explosives were found last night hidden in the dashboard of a passenger transport bus. The bus is a regular service from Monaragala to Jaffna.

The weight of the stock of explosives is 615 grams, police say.

The driver and the conductor of the bus has been arrested and the interrogation is under way, police say.

Thorough investigation is expected to be conducted by the authorities to identify the elements that are behind the action that appears as an attempt of restarting terrorist activities.

Later reports say Sri Lanka police has sought the support of the military to arrest an Army official who is suspected of attempting to smuggle the stock of C-4 explosives.

The  arrested driver and the conductor of the bus have stated that the parcel was given to them by an Army official from Bibile area that worked in Kilinochchi promising to collect it from Monaragala.

A special police team has been deployed under the instructions of Police Superintendent of Monaragala Wasantha Kandewaththa to carry on the further investigations.
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