Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sri Lanka Minister of Education draws a new poverty line

Sri Lanka Minister of Education Bandula Gunawardana reiterated that a Sri Lankan person can live with less than Rs. 2500 per month.

The Minister made this remark last week also and many persons laughed off his statement while some expressed anger. However, the Minister addressing a meeting held in Ananda College, Colombo yesterday, reiterated his idea, as reported by Sinhala daily The Lakbima.

According to him, over 41% of the income of Sri Lankans is spent for food pertaining to the data of the Colombo Consumers' Cost of Living Index. Therefore, Sri Lankans do not die due to food shortage, the Minister argues.

Minister Gunawardana said last week that Rs. 83 per day was sufficient for a Sri Lankan person for subsistence. According to him, a thre member family could live with Rs. 7500, if they spend their money wisely.

The amount he mentions is far less than the UN defined poverty line of US $ 1.25 per day.

Read his original statement that he made at a function in Homagama. 

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