Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sri Lanka President says no advise needed to build peace in the country

Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa said that the government is committed to walk the extra mile to establish permanent peace through reconciliation which is their commitment to the people and no one had to tell them what to do.

Addressing Sri Lanka Expo 2012, organised by the Export Development Board (EDB) at the BMICH yesterday morning, the President stated that the presence of investors at the Sri Lanka Expo 2012 event showed the failure of efforts of those who still supported the agenda of separatist terror that prevented development in Sri Lanka for more than three decades.

The President highlighted that the event took place after a lapse of 15 years in a climate that seeks to integrate trade, and the widest range of activities in export related investment in a single arena.

He took time and effort to address the investors in a well-prepared speech in which he detailed plans for infrastructure development for the benefit of the investors.

Sri Lanka Expo 2012 is held in a time the country's foreign reserves are dwindling fast. Media reported yesterday that Sri Lanka's foreign exchange reserves fell 23.4 percent in January.

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