Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sri Lanka to establish a Kithul Development Board

Sri Lanka Minister of Technology and Research Pavithra Wanniarachchi revealed the hopes of the government to establish a Kithul palm development board. 

The Minister expressed these views at a function held in Rathnapura district Secretariat to distribute aids to 140 persons engaged in Kithul tapping.

Sri Lanka has development boards for similar palms like coconut and palmyrah. The idea of establishing a Kithul Development Board is discussed tome to time however without realizing.  

Kiithul is also known as Solitary fishtail palm, Toddy palm, Wine palm or Jaggary Palm. Its botanical name is Caryota urens and it grows in tropical rain forests.

Sap tapped from the flowering shoot of Kithul tree is used to make toddy, honey, juggrey and the tree has medicinal ornamental timber uses as well.

Tapping Kithul tree is a traditional industry of Sri Lanka. A large number of rural villagers make living from Kithul products that find a good market now.

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