Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cash strapped Sri Lanka government to earn money from three wheelers

Sri Lanka government has reportedly decided to establish a bureau or a section to regulate the three wheeler taxi service.

I wonder why the government has not done this so far. There may be half a million three wheeler taxis in the country and the proposed bureau will bring money to the cash strapped government. You can issue route permits to run three wheelers and the unemployed youth that now start small business with three wheeler will have to campaign for local politicians's elections to win a route permit.

Three wheelers are one of the major transport modes of the island and each town has a number of three wheeler stands. The vehicle is spread even to the remotest of villages as a mode of transport. Three wheeler thrives as the Sri Lanka Transport Board buses are put on logs, kota uda.

However, the three wheelers are often blamed for notoriety in driving, overloading, frauds, engaging in crime and whatever else.

Meanwhile, Bajaj India has decided to reduce the prices of the Bajaj three wheelers and two wheelers exported to Sri Lanka by 5% to 14%.

The company has taken this decision due to decline of export of three wheelers and two wheelers to Sri Lanka after the recent vehicle tax hikes by Sri Lanka government. The prices of three wheelers went up by 32% while the price of a two wheeler increased by 29% with the tax increase.

Bajaj India sells 7% of its production to Sri Lanka and they amount 17% of the company's exports.

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