Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Strike of the Sri Lankan university teachers sees new turns

Sri Lanka Federation of University Teachers' Associations (FUTA) has decided to boycott duties pertaining to the evaluation of G.C.E. Advanced Level examination.

The boycott is to be enacted in relation to the 2012 Advanced Level examination sheduled to be held in August.

The FUTA has taken this decision at the executive committee meeting held yesterday, says Terence Madujith, the secretary of the FUTA.

Madujith said that the actions would be taken to inform the decision to boycott the Advanced Level examination evaluation formally to the education authorities.

Meanwhile, Inter University Students' Center Convener Asanka Bulegoda says that they will sue against the university teachers' strike.

Bulegoda points out that the students lost two months and 17 days of academic time due to the previous strike of the university teachers and another 17 days due to the strike of the university non-academic staff.

He argued that the university teachers who should be exemplary people taking students as scapegoats is a wrong move.

The student leader also argued that only a handful of university teachers have done new studies and most of them still teach based on old syllabuses although they were granted a 66.5 percent salary increase this year alone.

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