Saturday, July 7, 2012

Schools going, police stations coming in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Minister of Higher Education S.B. Disanayaka recently argued that the closure of schools is a sign of development. Then what about opening police stations or prisons?

Sri Lanka Police Department sources say that President Mahinda Rajapaksa has instructed the Inspector General of Police N.K. Illangakoon to submit a report regarding the need of establishing new police stations and police posts in the country.

Accordingly, the Police Department has planned to conduct a survey on the matter. Facts such as population density, mobility and crime ration etc. will be considered in recommending establishment of police stations and police posts, police sources say.

The report of the police Department is to be studied by the Ministry of Defense before its implementation.

The President's office says that he  has directed officials to look into the need of establishment of the new police stations and police posts due to the demands from various sections.

Are there no demands to establish new schools?

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