Monday, August 15, 2011

Activists from Colombo now in Jaffna to express solidarity to colleagues there

Free Media Movement (FMM), some other NGOs and activists of South Sri Lanka are now in Jaffna to hold a protest campaign tomorrow in Jaffna city to express solidarity to the bereaved journalists there.

A group of 40 journalists from Colombo left for Jaffna this morning to express their solidarity with embattled journalist community in Jaffna, said FMM secretary Sunil Jayasekara to media.

The Free Media Movement led group includes a number of media organisations as well as few human rights activists.

They expect to hold a peaceful demonstration in Jaffna city tomorrow noon together with journalists form Jaffna.

They are also to visit news editor Gnanasundaram Kuganathanhas of Uthayan daily in Jaffna hospital, who is recovering from a fatal assault on him by an unidentified gang on 29th July.

Pro-opposition Sri Lanka Mirror website reported that this is a historic occasion in strengthening solidarity and enhancing mutual understanding between journalists working in Jaffna and Colombo. The website added in a pleading tone they they would expect their right to protest and association will be respected by the state security forces in Jaffna.

Are they telling "Don't beat us! We're Sinhalese!"??? They never made such statements before they held protests in Colombo.

Forget Jaffna. It is in fact a good move to have such activities for activists of Colombo too, first to get rid of the fear psychosis they are engulfed in now.

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