Thursday, August 25, 2011

The political party business

Election Secretariat of Sri Lanka has sert last warnings to the secretaries of registered political parties giving time until September 01 to file all necessary documents to continue their registration.

Under the 2009, 58 revised act of elections, the political parties need to submit documents including annual audited budget to continue recognition.

Sri Lanka presently has 67 registered political parties and the Election Commissioner's Department say that some of them have not so far compiled some of the essential documents pertaining to extention of registration.

Certain political parties in Sri Lanka have become movable property or business of some unscrupulous elements. A large number of them are not actual organizations but what exist in files of some crooked individuals.

They trade political parties whenever their is market. Major politicians and sometimes political parties hire these lesser known name board parties for misdemeanor that goes in the name of democracy. A balm Mudalali ran for a major election sometimes back under a party he bought in the market like this. It is comparatively easy for present or former MPs to register a political party since they have been proved engaged in politics. In this way, political parties own many other names of political parties. What a funny freedom of organization!

There are some political parties that are established by apparent lunatics. One such filed nominations to Kurunegala Urban Council with the names of former President Chandrika Bandaranaike's son and daughter mentioning their address as Independent Square, Colombo. It is yet to be revealed if the so-called secretary of this political party forged signatures of these persons.
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