Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mobs pelt stones at military camps in Sri Lanka. Are they heroes?

Sri Lanka Navy spokesman Commander Kosala Warnasuriya said to media that the protests that took place in Eastern Province Kinniya town occurred following the raids against racketeers that were operating in the coastal area.

Pointing out that they wanted the Navy camp would be withdrawn from the village, stressed that it would remain there.

On the night of August 14, more than 3,000 people attacked the Navy camp and set fire on a police vehicle also in Kinniya town alleging the camp was harbouring three unknown persons, whom they alleged were ‘grease devils.’

Four Navy and police personnel each and five civilians were injured in the incident. Police arrested at least 24 trouble makers and more of their kind agitated yesterday even taking the Army Eastern Commander hostage to urge the authorities to release the arrested persons.

Mobs held Sri Lanka Army Eastern Commander Boniface Perera, the Commander of the 22nd Division Brig. Hettiarachchi, Trincomalee District Secretary P.T.R. de Silva and some Members of Provincial and Divisional Councils of Kinniya area today for several hours.

The mobs supported by villagers protested the arrest of fellow villagers. Later, the arrested villagers were released on orders of the Ministry of Defense, sources say.

Ministers A.H.M. Fowzy, Rizak Badurdeen and SRauf Hakeem, ri Lanka Muslim Congress leader, rushed to Kinniya to settle the dispute.

Following is the way a media linked to Marxist People's Liberation Front (JVP) reported the incident in a heroic tone. Do Sri Lankan Marxists still identify mobs as heroes?

(Lanka Truth) It is reported that authorities have taken measures to release 25 villagers in Kinniya who had been arrested by the police after a clash the villagers had with personnel of SL Navy yesterday. The villagers of Kinniya detained 22 people including the Eastern Commander and District Secretary for Trincomalee demanding the release of the arrested villagers.
The villagers later released theEastern Commander Boniface Perera, the Commander of the 22nd Division Brig. Hettiarachchi, the District Secretary P.T.R. de Silva, Members of Provincial and Divisional Councils in the area who had been detained by them.
The government had taken urgent measures to send from Colombo Ministers A.H.M. Fowzy, Rizak Badurdeen and Raum Hakeem to mediate in the issue. However, the police on special orders from the Defense Secretary had to release the villagers as the agitators were not willing to agree with the ministers.
After the villagers were released they were taken away from the Divisional Office in armed cars which were also attacked by villagers with stones and other missiles say reports.

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