Saturday, December 10, 2011

D.B.S. Jeyaraj's market promotion of Niromi de Soyza's Tamil Tigress

D.B.S. Jeyaraj appears paid to step by step revelation of the true identity of the author of “Tamil Tigress - My story as a child soldier in Sri Lanka’s bloody civil war” written by a self-proclaimed former member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) under the pseudonym Niromi de Soyza.

The true identity of the woman who is gathering momentum to become a minor celebrity is well marketed by Jeyaraj in his article From Shenuka to Niromi: True tale of a ‘Tamil Tigress.’

He has written it giving out a puzzle like revelation on the identity of the writer.

Let me be a tad facetious here and play a word game supplying a few clues. She has three names in all. Her first name is of North Indian origin but widely used by Tamils.;the second is of Irish origin but widely used by the English, Scottish and Welsh people. The third or maiden name which is her father’s, is a Sanskritised Tamil name. I have coined a name that has the first letters of all three names – “Sharmila”.
A good marketing trick after all. The book's second edition is to be released soon and it is to go from Australia to international markets.
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5 comments: on "D.B.S. Jeyaraj's market promotion of Niromi de Soyza's Tamil Tigress"

Asoka Gunasena said...

Niromi's "Tamil Tigress" book is a fascinating reading and I will recommend it all Sri Lankans to read the book and then to evaluate the book with their own assessment.

No wonder the book won the one of Australian Government's Top 50 readings award for 2011. Niromi must be the 1st Sri Lankan origin Australian to won this prestigious recognition.

Well done Niromi!

Arun Jeevan said...

Great analysis, much better than previous articles appeared on Niromi de Soyza’s Tamil Tigress Book.

After reading Michael Colin Cooke's Tamil Tigress book critique on Goundviews site and DBS’s Jeyaraj above account, I now realise how much mud-slinging was attempted by Michael Roberts, Arun Ambalavanar and Mutthukrishna Sarvananthan."

At the end Truth prevails and good work Niromi.

Now I know what book to get as my Christmas gifts to friends and family!

Anonymous said...

Er...well after reading though I feel embarrassed for DBSJ.

zack@ said...

That is almost two months of inspiration right there. Awesome.Dental Marketing

WSJ said...

After reading I feel embarrassed for Darshanie Ratnawalli.

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