Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sri Lanka's Kelaniya University teachers unite against Dean of Science Faculty

The teachers of the Kelaniya University of Sri Lanka have decided to walk away on December 21 in protest of the Dean of Science Faculty Prof. Nalin de Silva.

The Association of University teachers of Kelaniya University says that they will hold a meeting in the university premises and hold a protest march too.

The university teachers have been angered by the alleged public insults targeting academics by Prof. Silva. They say the authorities have not paid attention to their protests earlier and they hope to urge action through the protest.

Prof. Silva, an arch Sinhala Buddhist nationalist, rejects modern science although he is the Dean of Science Faculty of the university. He recently said he identified arsenic in rice grown in Sri Lanka through super natural means instead of scientific method which other university dons denied.
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2 comments: on "Sri Lanka's Kelaniya University teachers unite against Dean of Science Faculty"

Dil said...

This racist, religious extremist idiot should be chased out of our is a shame to have such a crazy, harmful person inside a prestigious institution......

Anonymous said...

How is continuing beyong 65 years? before he turned 65, he got a letter from the President to say his services may be obtained by the University for a further period. This can only mean that he could be hired as a visiting lecturer. According to Section 73 of the Universities Act, the retirement age of an academic is 65 but he/she can go on till the end of the academic year in which he turns 65. Nalin Silva not only continues as Professor but also as Dean, using the President's letter which is against the law. The salary he has been paid must be recovered from the Vice Chancellor and Bursar. What is the Auditor General doing? What is the internal audit doing? At last some academics have got the backbone to stand up to this thug. I won't be surprised if he brings Mervin the Vermin's thugs to assault the academics.

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