Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sri Lanka government MP Arundika Fernando and Puttlam donkeys

Puttalam of Sri Lanka was one time famous for donkeys.

Following story is not about donkeys but about an MP that represents Puttalm district. He is a law maker of this country.

Sri Lanka government MP for Puttalam district Arundika Fernando stated to local newspaper The Divaina that he manhandled opposition MP Palitha Range Bandara because the latter criticized the President on wrong allegations.

MP Arundika Fernando publicly said that he slapped several times at the opposition MP's face since he had not heeded to the protest of the government MPs during MP Range Bandara's speech in the debate on the expenditure heading of the Ministry of Defense.

Journalists observed MP Arundika Fernando assaulted Range Bandara at the opposition lobby as he exited the House from there after winding up his speech.

Some other government and opposition MPs also involved in preventing a brawl.

MP Range Bandara says that he will complain about the assault today to the Speaker and the police.
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