Friday, December 16, 2011

Too dear Lotus Pond Mahinda Rajapaksa Theater

The charges of the Lotus Pond Mahinda Rajapaksa Theater is definitely too dear to Sri Lankan performing artistes like dramatists.

It may be OK for some light vein popular musical shows but not for classical musical presentations. Low quality laugh drama like Tennyson Cooray's too may go there.

How can a Sri Lankan dramatist afford Rs. 1,050,000 for two shows there in addition to the refundable deposit of Rs. 150,000?

Are there any fair sponsors for quality art in this country?

Definitely, performing here will be a dream for dramatists and viewing real art here will be a dream for viewers too. 

What finally can happen is that the artistes of this country will bend their spine further begging for sponsorship and relief for privilege of performing in Lotus Pond Mahinda Rajapaksa Theater. 

Luckily or unluckily we have so many boot-lickers to go.

Check for Lotus Pond Bookings

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6 comments: on "Too dear Lotus Pond Mahinda Rajapaksa Theater"

Anonymous said...

This has many faces.
These rates may be the actual costs compared with the theatre facilities of this calibre in the world. . it is well known that most in the rich countries also can’t afford or seat in this type of theatres .
My questions are ,
• Is this theatre for the dramatists of this country?
• Are the dramatists of this country prepared and equipped with the techniques and talents to perform in this type of theatre with high end technology ?
At The inaugural show it was seen how so called master actors fail to cope with the high tech stage facilities . definitely the so called part time actors will be failing at this high technology just because it requires a high degree of practice and continuous rehearsals to cope with the technology .
• Will be there the audience to fill the 1200 seats at a higher rate ticket ?
• If not , for whom this theatre is ?
Will look forward positively . this is not [perfectly fitting with the drama or performing art what we have today and also for the audience of percent stage drama can’t afford to this . There should be changes from all three sides to match with

Anonymous said...

It's not the venue's duty to find sponsors. It should charge its operational cost.
But it would be up to the performer to find the money. As always there is Lional wendt and tower hall nearby.

Anonymous said...

As usual we will resume back to lumbini and tower hall

Anonymous said...

With this kind of technology the performing artists too will strive to dish out better performances. These structures are not built to last for today and tomorrow but to last a century or more.Tower hall and Lumbini were hot spots thirty years ago. Where do they stand now?may be it will seem a White Elephant today but will surely stand the test of time.

Nilusha Fernando said...

යකෝ මුන්ට මේ කිසි දෙයක හොඳ පැත්තක් පේන්නෙම නැහැනේ ................................................................................................................

Nilusha Fernando said...

Your comment will be visible after approval.

මේක ලියපු එකාගෙන් approval ගන්නත් ඕනද ????????

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