Saturday, June 9, 2012

High security zones minimized; problems persist

Sri Lanka's Sinhala daily The Divaina newspaper reported yesterday quoting an unnamed senior government official that the government has taken steps to reduce the high security zone of the Jaffna peninsula in the Tamil dominated Northern Province by 40%.

He said that the high security zone that stretched over 4000 hectare before the end of war has now been reduced by 1515 hectare.

The official further said to the newspaper that the reduction of high security zone was not due to the demands of the Tamil politicians. He further pointed out that removing high security zones was a government decision.

High security zones maintained by the military in the Northern and Eastern Provinces are a major drawback in reconciliation and normalcy of the Tamil dominated areas.

Still a high presence of hostile Sinhala language speaking soldiers is prevalent in the Tamil heartland Jaffna peninsula amidst demands from people and international community reduce them.

However, Sri Lanka government which has taken few or no steps for permanent reconciliation with Tamils appears adamant in maintaining the military suppression over a possible re-emergence of Tamil armed struggle that raked the country for three decades until the military wiped out the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam in May 2009.  

High security zones include people's land, roads, houses, industry and cultivations.

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