Friday, June 15, 2012

Sri Lankans quarrel for land they love to leave for residency in West

Benin, a country like a key - a key to open the doors to Canada
148 Sri Lankans that were deported from the Benin state of Africa returned to Sri Lanka to yesterday.

They arrived in the home country around 2.30 p.m. in a special flight.

They have been destitute in Benin after failed attempts to migrate to Canada from there.

They have arrived in the African state via India, Dubai and Adis Ababa. The deported group of people included 10 children also. The majority of them are ethnic Tamils, sources say.

Some of them have been in Benin for years.

Sri Lankan Tamils are a community migrating out of Sri Lanka. Their focuses of migration are Canada, Australia and Europe. The ethnic problem that remain unresolved in the country pave way for this mass migration of Tamils.

Although they face lot of difficulties as a community, the prime aim of migrating is seeking green pastures. The majority Sinhala community also does the same whenever they have a chance.

They quarrel for land very stubbornly for many decades making the land miserable and migrate to Western nations seeking citizenship there.

Even the members of the ruling family of Sri Lanka are citizens of US thus migrated and engaged in minor jobs there.

Rulers have plundered this nation for many decades and the life for the ordinary people has become a hell. I think international community should take up Sr Lanka in a different point of view. Sri Lanka's problem is not sheer Tamil problem.

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