Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why do people migrate out of Sri Lanka?

Indian media reported that a group of more than 150 Sri Lankans have been arrested by Indian police at Kollam beach of coastal line of Kerala state of India.

They are suspected of attempting to migrate to Australia via sea.

The arrested group comprised of nineteen women and twenty two children. They have revealed that they paid Rs. 500,000 each for the risky sea journey.

The skipper of the boat,the agent and an accomplice of his who handled the operation have also been arrested.

Why do people still try to migrate out of the country even when the war has been finished almost three years ago.

The end of physical war has led to launch of more wars. People suffer now mainly due to corruption and undemocratic politics of the rulers.

There are issues pertaining to reconciliation. No or very few steps have been taken towards reconciliation.

The lives especially of Tamils are still miserable as their livelihoods have collapsed. Sri Lankans irrespective of race and creed do not see good future for their kids.

Not only that. Still war haunts in north.

Sri Lanka police reported the death of an under aged child in Jaffna due to an unexploded ordinance.

The 15 year old boy succumbed to injuries sustained when a hand grenade he was handling exploded.

The equipment had been found by the boy in the beach of Jaffna. The incident took place in the beach of Nagadeepa, a n islet where a famous Buddhist temple is located.

Kayts police is investigating the incident.

Sri Lanka police media spokesman Superintendent of Police Ajith Rohana said that 12 guard points maintained by Sri Lanka Army were handed in to police since June 03.

The guard points handed over to police are situated in Colombo city. But the issues related to military involvement in civilian life is in Northern and Eastern Province Tamil dominated areas.

The move was due to international pressure but it is only an attempt to hoodwink via media.

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