Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Many elders' homes in Sri Lanka likely to be closed making more elders destitute

Sri Lanka Secretariat for Elders say that the government has decided to penalize the persons who do not take care of the elders.

Secretariat for elders has opened a hotline with the number 011 2 824 082 for the public to lodge complaints regarding incidents of not taking care of the elders.

The Director of the Secretariat for Elders J. Krishnamurthy says that the public can lodge complaints regarding such instances to the divisional secretary as well.

Sri Lanka Ministry of Social Services has brought new regulations to register all elders' homes that provide lodging for more than five elders under the Secretariat for Elders. Registration means standardization of services.Most of the elders' homes lack funds for this and will have to be closed with this move perhaps putting some elders from from pan to fire.

The secretary of the Ministry R.M.S. Rathnayaka said that Sri Lanka has 240 elders' homes and of them only four are government run while the other organizations are run by charity organizations.

Sri Lanka has a fast growing elderly population and a large number of elders are destitute. The government does not possess a proper programme of elderly care. Some charity organizations are accused by the government and other sections regarding mismanagement of the Elders' homes.

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