Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Is Sri Lanka's Hambanthota harbour becoming a worthy investment

Sri Lanka government seems succeeded finally in making its white elephant Hambanthota Port a worthy place where business occurs.

The port is a massive corruption which swallowed public money due to craze of politicians who filled in it with water before the completion of blasting rock at the mouth of the harbour cut into the land. The pit was filled in with water to mark the President's birthday and later a sum similar to around a fourth of the entire cost for the construction was spent in addition to blast the rocks. Waste of public money borrowed mortgaging generations of people of the country. Anyhow, it is good to see the crazy harbour becomes a worthy place.

Ports Authority (SLPA) announced that the import and transshipping operations of vehicles will begin at Hambanthota Mahinda Rajapaksa Port today. The ship Fricia is to arrive in Hambanthota harbour today with 15 vehicles, says Ports Authority.

Another ship will arrive in Hambanthota harbor with 1000 vehicles from Chennai and the vehicles are to be transshipped to Algeria. The ship with vehicles bound Algeria will leave harbor on June 15. The government decided to divert all vehicle shipments to the southern harbor to ease the heavy traffic congestion in Colombo harbour.

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