Tuesday, June 5, 2012

World governance should deal with all hooligan rulers of the world

Egyptian former President Hosni Mubarak was sentenced for life for killing his countrymen in protests against him in 2011. His Minister of Home Security also went to jail with him. His sons are yet to see their destiny after lavishly eating public money for their luxuries.

Liberian former President Charles Taylor was sentenced for over 50 years for exchanging arms with terrorists in Sierra Leone for diamond.

These two African leaders should become an example to all the leaders of the countries around the world.

Rulers, especially in the third world think their country is free of the gravity of world governance and they and their families are free to kill their own people and they can do whatever they want with the public money.

They hoodwink their subjects with blind patriotism spreading fear among them of a false threat of imperialist invasion.

These hooligan leaders need to be thoroughly dealt with to discipline the world. What they cover to is the war against terror of US led capitalist West. But one thing US does not commit is killing its own people. These notorieties know only killing their own people and robbing public money.

US must change the strategies against so called 'war against terror' which rationalize the state terror and plunder of numerous third world leaders. Their argument is 'Why can't we, if US can?'

World governance must be upheld. US, EU nor any other so-called 'super power' should not outstand and outwit in a world democracy.

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