Saturday, June 9, 2012

Many worried due to lack of transfer policy in public service of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Government Medical Officers' Association (GMOA) says that the doctors of the Northern and Eastern Provinces will hold a token strike on June 12 in protest of not granting appointments to the doctors who have completed their internship.

The new doctors have consented to go to service in difficult areas and around 200 doctors presently working in these areas are yearning for transfers after completing more than one year difficult service, a spokesman of the GMOA said.

Around 600 doctors are waiting for appointments in government hospitals. GMOA Assistant Secretary Nalin Ariyarathna accused the government that the appointments got delay due to the inefficiency of the officials of the Ministry of Health.

Similar transfer issue prevails among the teachers whose trade unions are less in strength but high in number. The problem is in many other sectors as well.

Thousands of teachers who were appointed to difficult areas await for transfers to their villages and this time the Ministry of Education has decided to appoint the teachers that passed out from the national colleges of education to these districts.

However, for the last few years, the teachers passed out from the national colleges of education were given appointments mostly in their home districts causing severe injustice to those who did not have that chance earlier and later.

The public service lacks of a proper transfer policy. There are certain public servants who have never served in difficult areas while some have had many drawbacks in their personal life due to sacrifices they had to do.
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