Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Abducted activist of Sri Lanka's Frontline Socialist Party not fined for violating visa regulations

The leader of the Frontlie Socialist Party (FSP) Premakumar Gunarathnam has not been fined for overstaying in Sri Lanka for over six months violating visa conditions.

The Immigration and Emigration Department does not say he was deported.

However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs later announced that he was deported.

Pubudu Jayagoda, a politburo member of the FSP says that the government released Gunarathnam from the abduction due to international pressure.

Gunarathnam has entered the country in last September on tourist visa under an Australian passport bearing the name Mudalige Noel. His wife says he changed name after getting the citizenship of Australia.

Sri Lanka Ministry of External Affairs further say that Gunarathnam married his wife Champa Somarathna under the name Wanninayaka Mudalige Daskon and later left the country under a Sri Lankan passport bearing name Wanninayaka Mudiyanselage Dayalal.

Gunarathnam has reportedly used at least four names.

He was claimed abducted on April 06 and police say he surrendered to the Colombo Crime Division on April 09.

Later, he was handed over to the Australian High Commission and he left the country in the morning of April 10 with an Australian official.

He is expected to address international media today in Australia.

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