Monday, April 2, 2012

Is Sri Lanka at war with India?

Anti Indian ideas appear to spread in Sri Lanka following the neighboring super power voted for the Us-backed resolution on Sri Lanka at UNHRC.

There are speculations that the prohibitive taxes imposed on motor vehicles target India's motor exports to Sri Lanka in addition to the local economic needs of the island nation.

The latest story is on India retraining repatriating terrorists to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka police intelligence wings have revealed that around 150 terrorists have returned to the island following receiving training in Tamilnadu, India, reports Sinhala nationalist daily The Divaina newspaper.

Police was led to this finding through an investigation of a death of a member of Ealam People's Democratic Party (EPDP), a partner of the ruling alliance of which the leader is the Chief Minister of the Eastern Province,

After brutally hacking the EPDP member to death, the terrorists displayed a note in which they said they had given death penalty to a traitor.

Police arrested the culprits, three persons that claimed they were trained in camps in Tamilnadu following the end of war in Sri Lanka.

The suspects have ben handed over to Terrorist Investigation Department and the probes are underway.

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