Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sri Lanka Minister vows to go to India to protest poaching

Sri Lanka Minister Douglas Devananda warns India that he will protest actions of Indian fishermen right within Indian territory.

The former militant Minister who hails from Jaffna said he would take 5000 fishermen to India in a bid to protest against poaching by Indian fisherman in the Sri Lankan waters.

He says the aim of the protest is to give a message to India that the poaching by Indian fishermen in Sri Lankan waters has affected the livelihood of the local fishing community.

Devananda says that nearly 1000 fishing boats will engage in the journey from Mannar and Jaffna to India for the protest which is scheduled to take place in mid May.

Sri Lankan fishermen of north face severe difficulties due to organized poaching conducted by Indian fishermen. There is long time dispute between Sri Lanka Navy and Indian fishermen.

Sri Lankan fishermen also cross the border and commit the same offence in this narrow sea. Before the territorial waters were demarcated, the fishermen of both countries engaged in the industry in this zone.

However, with technological advancement, the sea is over-exploited causing severe environmental issues.

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