Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Establishment after activist Udul Premarathna in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka government is again after Udul Premarathna, an activist who is continuously followed by the establishment.

However, Colombo Magistrate Court yesterday rejected an appeal by Borella police to issue a warrant to arrest Udul Premarathna, former convener of Inter University Strudents' Federation and presently an activist of the Frontline Socialist Party and the Movement for People's Struggles.

Police charged that Premarathna was behind organizing mob violence that took place in Wanathamulla area which is famous as a lumpen proletariat settlement few days ago.

However, the magistrate said that no warrant is needed to arrest the person if he had committed an offence and police could do it without a warrant.

The residents of T-20 colony of Wanathamulla took to streets to protest police against an overnight operation in which a number of residents of the area were arrested under suspicion for links to crime.

Udul Premarathna, attorney-at-law, complained to the Human Rights Commission regarding the military styled operation in which 33 persons were arrested. However, police claims only 25 persons were arrested.

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