Monday, April 2, 2012

India dismisses report on terrorists trained in Tamil Nadu

Indian High Commission of Sri Lanka denied media report that terrorists were trained in Tamil Nadu as “erroneous and baseless.”

The Divaina Sinhala nationalist newspaper report said that police found through interrogation of three suspects of a murder of an activist of Ealam People's Democratic Party (EPDP) that 150 terrorist trained in three locations in Tamil Nadu had returned to Sri Lanka to make trouble in the country.

India said in its statement that the report was entirely erroneous and baseless. “Relevant agencies of the two countries have ongoing cooperation and no such information has been brought to the notice of the Government of India,” said the statement further.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Defense sources say that an operation is underway in the Eastern Province to arrest the armed gangs believed active in the area. The operation is conducted by police and security forces jointly, sources say.

The searches commenced today from Anuradhapura junction of Batticloa city. Security authorities have focused special attention on the persons that returned to the area from India after staying there for sometime as refugees.

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