Thursday, April 5, 2012

Man - crocodile conflict of Sri Lanka

A man eater crocodile under arrest later to be found killed
Sri Lanka that is experiencing a deep rooted man - elephant conflict has entered into a new era the crocodiles also attack poor people.

A 18 year school girl that went to Rive Nilwala to have a wash, perhaps since they have no water facility at home, was attacked and dragged by a crocodile yesterday and her half-eaten body was later found stuck in river bank.

Angry people blame the wildlife officials who are now in a trade union action since three of their officials are remanded under charges of shooting and killing a wildman Veddah who they say has trespassed the jungle in Ampara district.

Reports say that around 25 persons were attacked by crocodiles last year. People killed a crocodile that they claimed a man eater at Ragama.

Sri Lanka Wildlife Department announced in June 2011 that it has decided to establish a crocodile park in Muthurajawela marshes situated south of Negombo. The Director General of Wildlife Department Dr. Chandrawansa Pathiraja said the park that would also be a habitat for destitute crocodiles, would benefit the persons researching the reptiles.

But before long time passed, reports said that a local politician had grabbed a land allocated to Sri Lanka's Wildlife Conservation Department for establishing a crocodile park in Muthurajawela.

No more reports on crocodile park thereafter although it is not a problem to the national problem of crocodiles.

Now, people complain they cannot kill crocodiles to save their lives due to wildlife laws.

When there is no rule of law, marginalized people complain of being unable the law themselves.

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