Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sri Lanka Muslim Congress to leave the government?

Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) secretary Hasan Ali says that the party supreme council will meet on April 28 to discuss the issue pertaining to a mosque in Dambulla town in the Central Province.

The party officials says that the SLMC is on a firm stand that the mosque needed to remain as it is and it is not contented about the government stand on the issue.

SLMC is to discuss the issue on Saturday and the party will decide if it will stay in the government coalition, sources say.

However, the party has still not come to a decision regarding the breaking away from the government coalition, the SLMC secretary says.

Prime Minister of Sri Lanka D.M> Jayarathna said last week that the mosque would be removed and reinstalled away from the town where an ancient Buddhist temple is situated.

An extremist mob led by a leading Buddhist monk last week occupied this mosque demanding its removal.

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