Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Imported dismantled vehicles nabbed by customs at Colombo harbor

Sri Lanka Customs is now extremely vigilant regarding import of vehicles as parts. A container included vehicles worth of Rs. 20 million without taxes was arrested by Custom Department was seized on April 10 at Colombo harbor.

The importer, a vehicle businessman in Kurunegala attempted to get the container released after paying import taxes for vehicle parts that is lower than the tax on vehicles.

However, the container that had been shipped from Nagoya included four vehicles of Misubishi, Suzuki and Toyota brands dismantled. They were more than five years old and needs special permission to be imported.

These businessmen re-assemble these vehicles with old chassis numbers to be used as vehicle earlier registered. They find massive profits from this business.

Sri Lanka government recently increased the taxes on imported vehicles sharply.

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