Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lightning causes more deaths in Sri Lanka; read this to save you life

Three persons died yesterday evening in Sri Lanka's Southern Province due to lightning, police sources say.

The dead persons were two women who were plucking tea and a farmer ploughing the paddy field, police say. The deaths occurred in inland Akuressa area in Mathara district.

Sri Lanka Meteorological Department said that so far 15 persons have been killed in Sri Lanka due to lightning. Galle Municipal Council building also was damaged yesterday in lightning.

Death by lightning attack may be the way of death a Sri Lankan man dislikes mostly due to cultural reasons. "May lightning attack you!" is a worst kind of curse in Sinhala culture.

Here are some tips on protecting yourself and your property from lightning.

Protection From Lightning: Unplug Your Electronics The most reliable way to protect your home and belongings from lightning damage is to unplug everything in your home. Lightning can travel along power, phone, and cable lines for over a mile; the resulting power surge can wreak havoc on sensitive electronic equipment. Appliances, computers, home theaters, even phones could be ruined, or set on fire, from a lightning strike a mile away. Unplugging every device that is plugged into an outlet - including your cable line - will ensure that your electronic devices are safe. (Source)

When thunder roars, go indoors

- Once you see lightning or hear thunder, prepare to take shelter indoors and protect yourself immediately. Stay away from doors and windows

- Avoid being near isolated trees, masts, in the open or flagpoles, and do not touch any electric conductor or stand near tall objects.

- Avoid using telephones, computers, washing your hands or touching water pipes while in the house

- Postpone outdoor activities during the storm

- The long-term measure is to apply lightning arresters on each building. (Source)

How lightning kills someone

Lightning delivers a massive pulse of electricity. It can kill or injure a nearby person, either by striking her directly, causing gigantic currents to surge through the body, or by striking something connected to her, such as a pipe carrying water to her shower or a wire conducting electricity to an electrical appliance she is holding. She then completes the circuit to ground, and huge currents flow through her body. Lightning kills, primarily, by interrupting the heart's rhythm. The heart stops, or perhaps beats erratically, and breathing may cease. The heart can start up on its own, but breathing does not. If no one is there to help the victim, the lack of oxygen and possible nerve damage can cause the heart to stop, permanently. (Source)

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