Thursday, May 21, 2015

*Are racist elements behind mob violence in Jaffna?

The victim 
The mob violence seen in Jaffna when the suspects of raping a 17-year old school girl of Kaits were produced in court indicate the depth of tension that prevails in the northern society.

The rape was not connected to military and police arrested the suspects and produced them in court. The investigation did not appear flawed. Then what was the reason for hurling rocks at court, insulting the judiciary and damaging public property?

The motive appears to be disruptive. The demand of the mob was offering the suspects to them to be killed. Some of the perpetrators have been arrested and remanded.

Probes must lead to arrest the disruptive elements that ignited violence. Desperate racist elements can be behind it and the their counterparts in the south can be seen elated in social media. They appear to be too early to predict a war.

Sociological researches must be conducted to understand and remedy the undercurrents that lead to this type of crimes and social backfire to them in post-war Tamil areas of Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka.

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