Thursday, May 7, 2015

* No single toilet for 120 resettled families in Palay - Minister

Sri Lanka Minister Harsha de Silva expressed dissatisfaction about the situation in the housing in recently released former High Security Zone land of Palaly.

"Yes the roads are fabulous and buildings are coming up, but we need to be more humane about what people really want," the Minister said.

The Minister visited a resettlement of some 120 families on his way back to Palaly with MP Vijayakala Maheshwaran. "I was shocked to find out there was not a single toilet available. I didn't believe it but it was confirmed by Vijayakala. Several senior police officers and local politicians also gathered and confirmed it as well. Further we were told that during the rainy season all houses go under water."

"In fact 10 or 11 families had been given deeds by Wimal Weerawansa just before elections but according to Viyayakala they are bogus! It is just pathetic. I plan to look in to this. We must be true to ourselves if we are to build real peace and understanding," the Minister wrote in his Facebook wall.

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