Friday, May 15, 2015

* Is online applying for university entrance fair in Sri Lanka?

University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka has introduced an online application process for university entrance for the first time in the history.

The application process included submitting data and uploading a scanned soft copy of the national identity card of the student.

The student must fill all the entries online and take a printout. After that, the application must be endorsed by the principal and the final stage is sending it via registered post to the Commission.

Only the students who do not possess national identity cards are allowed to apply fully via postal services.

Although the University Grants Commission expects all students to be thorough with computer and internet, the majority of the schools do not provide IT education to the students. They do not possess computers, scanners and printers etc. Outsourcing such services in rural areas is not easy and they lack quality too.

Internet connectivity is a problem in many of the rural areas and mostly the younger generation uses smart phones for surfing. The application process is not optimized for such situations.

On the other hand, the English language knowledge is also not very good in rural areas. Although General English is a subject in the curriculum, a pass is not compulsory for university entrance. Most of the students do not focus to English language during reading for highly competitive Advanced Level examination.

Sri Lanka has still not introduced a standard for writing personal and place names of original Sinhala language in English transcript.

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2 comments: on "* Is online applying for university entrance fair in Sri Lanka?"

Rishan said...

Hi, I like to say few words about the students in rural areas. In estate side and in many areas in Srilanka they dont have internet facilities. The detail book and the application cost is 500/=. To scan the ID 50/=, To fill the application in a net cafe 250/= . To take print outs 100/= Postal charges 100/=. Total 1000/= + travel expanses to a city to do these everything. Do you think all parents will give money like this to the students? For this reasons many students don't get the chance to apply. The government should more flexibility to these students who are searching a good path for their future.

ඇණය said...

This is good move by the government, Vast majority of A/L schools do have computer labs, but internet / internet speed and proper maintenance of the facility is questionable, this is mainly due to the lack of IT knowledge and interest of principals, they will not open their eye unless government make such moves.
Now there are very very few really poor students in our universities now, really poor filtered out at O/L. Kind teachers at schools will definitely help to any talented poor student who cannot find money for apply, but real challenge is not finding money for the application process but sustaining through out university years.

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