Friday, May 29, 2015

* Why were the suspects of murder of women of Kahawatta acquitted?

acquitted suspects, lawyers and relations (Photo: Dinamina) 
Three suspects of one of the ill famous women double murder cases of Kahawatta were acquitted by court yesterday since police failed to prove the charges against the suspects.

The case was heard by Colombo High Court Judge Devika De Livera Tennakoon as a special case. The suspects were charged with the murder of Liyanagahewage Premawathie (63) and her daughter Hewagamage Pushpika Kumari (23) on June 17, 2012, at Kotakethana in Kahawatte.

According to scientific evidence, the DNA samples taken from the rape victims did not match with the DNA patterns of the suspects.

The evidence of a crime accomplice who was made a witness of the prosecution also had contradiction. The investigations of the police were criticized for being biased.

People of Kahawatta agitated yesterday after the verdict was delivered. They might have protested the judiciary but the blame should have gone to police which had failed to investigate and frame the charges properly.

However, the case indicates the judiciary of Sri Lanka is independent, impartial and professional, instead of being driven by popular sentiments, back again.

In some previous occasions, the murder suspects of Kahawatta who were released on bail by court were killed by unknown groups. Police did not find the killers of these murders. Police under former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa was often blamed for acting illegally for narrow popularity.

Hewagamage Pushpakumari - one of the victims 

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