Tuesday, May 5, 2015

* I have re-started blogging in English language

Sometimes ago, I had an English language blog which had quite fair readership. I had some income from it by way of publishing Google pay per click ads. But I missed regular blogging in English language due to hard work in Sinhala blogging which was more popular.

Today I have a Sinhala language blog which has good readership but no direct income at all.

I thought of a new English blog but faced some problems regarding ads since Adsense now does not direct ads to new blogs which have not been owned by the admin for at least six months.

Therefore, I gave up doing another blog with no revenue and moved to an old blog which I had used for various purposes. One time it was the English version of my Sinhala language blog. After that, I used it to share my experience of blogging.

I update it very rarely but amazingly it has a fair readership of over 200 page views per day that is directed mostly by Kotthu blog syndicator and Google Search Engine.

I think there is no other better alternative for my purpose. Here I go since today.

I will write mostly news. For a long time, I wrote news for Colombo Page and it has become a habit for me. Here, I will write news that I follow everyday and I will not limit myself only for that. I will write many other things as well including my life as a blogger, journalist, translator, teacher, father, husband and a vagabond.

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Anonymous said...

put a link to this site on your Sinhala page, So like minded as me would hit on, this is the only way to contribute to your efforts. best wishes.

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